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Leisure activities in the Spreewald

The Alte Backhaus is located in the heart of the Spreewald and even has its own boat dock at the main pier. Located directly on the Spreeradweg, the holiday resort is an ideal starting point for cycling tours in the surrounding area. Whether you want to go on holiday alone, with a partner or with the whole family, there are plenty of leisure activities to suit all tastes.

Active recreation in the Spreewald

According to legend, the Spreewald is a work of active work. It is said that the devil once ploughed the river Spree into the landscape with two big oxen and when they were tired and no longer wanted to run very much forward, he threw his cap at the animals with anger. They were so scared and jumped all over the place. And since then the Spree has been so curvilinear here and branches out into many branches of the river, which are called rivers. You can now also play an active role on these tiles. It can be paddled (who is looking for a sporty challenge, can try stand-up paddling), can be fished or kayaked and if you like it a little bit more comfortable, you can be bunted by a ferryman.


Along the rivers, meadows and fields, attractive cycle paths through the unique Spreel landscape invite you to cycle. Located directly on the Spreeradweg, the Alte Backhaus is an excellent starting point for this. You are welcome to rent a modern bicycle and, if necessary, a trailer. But also on foot there is an infinite amount of unique nature to discover and enjoy.

Wellness and thermal baths

For a relaxing wellness day in the thermal spa you don’t have to drive far, because Burg has its own thermal spa – the SpreewaldTherme. Not only does the hot spring brine bubble over here, but also many other attractions make the SpreewaldTherme a unique experience. Treat yourself to a pampering pack of Spreewald algae on your skin. Let your thoughts wander in front of the fireplace of the fire sauna. Or enjoy a hot steam bath in a cucumber barrel.

If you want to spoil yourself together with the children, you should visit the sauna and bathing paradise Spreewelten in Lübbenau. Here you can enjoy the sauna and the children can swim together with real Humboldt penguins. This bathing paradise can be reached within 20 minutes from the Old Bakehouse.

Wildlife watching

The Spreewald is home to rare flora and fauna, so if you keep your eyes open you can make great discoveries. With a bit of luck you can observe kingfishers, blue mermaids, aurochs, wild horses and many other rare species.

Culture and Museums

The Spreewald offers numerous museums and cultural institutions for those interested in culture. The castle has a small but fine museum, the Heimatstube. In the museum of local history in Dissen you can find an exhibition on the way of life of Sorbian-Wendish farmers. The exhibition draws pictures of the hard work in the fields, the former lives of the children, but also of festivals, celebrations and the many living customs of Sorbian-Wendish culture.

The 20 variants of the Lower Sorbian costume are a particular attraction. Spinnstubengeschichten, legends and fairy tales of the Spreewald give insights into the mysticism. In the Spreewald Museum in Lehde you can visit original farms and admire traditional crafts such as boat building.

Other attractions in the Spreewald are:

  • the Dutch mill in Straupitz
  • information centre of the Biosphere Reserve in Burg
  • Herbal gardens in Burg und Dissen
  • SchauHandwerkshof (handcraft yard)
  • arthall Burg
  • “Stary lud – The Old People” in Dissen
  • Slavic castle in Raddusch
  • German-Wendish Church in Vetschau
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